by Beatrix Pfleiderer

TARA-Process is a path of experience based upon modern Western knowledge focusing on the interrelation between the awareness and self-regulation of the body and the ancient Eastern wisdom of the Chakra system.

Through concerted abdominal breathing techniques and guided body relaxation we achieve an expanded, more receptive state of consciousness. This allows an intensive and often new kind of experience of our bodies, thoughts and feelings and opens a door to enhanced self-regulation. This combination of breathing awareness, relaxation and guided journey through the body facilitates and establishes a perceptible flowing connection between the faithfully giving energies of the “Heart of the Earth” and the “Higher Self”, that part of us “that has always known and loved us.”

The ultimate connection of the Axis Mundi, the axis of the world, original to all cultures and known to our Western culture, is the key of the TARA-Process and serves as the source of energy during inner journeys of discovery revealed by our stored molecular and Chakra wisdom.

The TARA-Process enhances the multi-dimensionality of the Self on the path to healing physical and psychological injury or even trauma endured during early life phases that have grown to inhibit our experience and scope of action. Effectively this form of therapy is useful specifically for trauma patients supplementary to psychotherapy in order to experience the body as a “safe haven”.

The aim of our work in the TARA-Process is the experience of the total connection of our complete Self and with everything that surrounds us and that self-determined walk along that special path based on the unique feeling of being allowed to be there and that of feeling assured of that place for us.

The TARA-Process is beneficial to parents, partners, and anyone seeking to improve their personal circumstances or life-path. It is a valuable tool for those in the healing and helping professions, including teachers, caregivers, counselors and therapists in both the physical and psychological realms, and those in the health and medical professions. We offer the TARA-Process as a group experience or individual sessions. A good option for beginners is the group experience with guided meditations while individual sessions provide more intensive individual experience. For more information about our offerings click here.

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