Our Offerings

The TARA-Process is offered in a variety of ways: As an Introductory Session, Individual Coaching Sessions, Group Sessions as well as a Facilitator Training. A good option for people new to the TARA-Process is the group experience with guided meditations, while Individual Coaching Sessions provide a more intensive individual experience.

English spoken events

German spoken events

Introductory Sessions provide an opportunity to experience a 3-hour group Session of TARA-Process and enable you to assess its effectiveness to complement and enhance the purpose and goals of your group. You may then opt to schedule additional Group Sessions or individuals may choose Individual Coaching. Sessions are tailored to the dynamics of your group and the facilitator fee will vary accordingly. Fees may be waved for educational and non-profit organizations. If you wish to participate in an Introductory Session click here (hyperlink to “english spoken events”) for upcoming dates. Should you feel called to host an Introductory Session don't hesitate to contact Cynthia to set one up.

Individual Coaching Sessions may be chosen by an individual. They are appropriate for anyone seeking to work intensely or on a specific area of personal growth, change or healing.  Usually, 2-4 Individual Coaching Sessions of approximately 90 minutes duration are sufficient to fulfill the individual’s need. An Individual Coaching session is $85.  If you are interested please contact Beatrix to schedule your session.

Group Sessions may be selected following an initial introductory experience. Group Sessions are especially beneficial to those who are connected to one another through a commonality, whether through a shared profession, as members of a support group, those tackling similar challenges  in group therapy, such as substance abuse, behavior modification, body issues or resolving experiences from the past.  Also beneficial to families seeking to improve relationships among family members. If you wish to participate in a Group Session please contact Cynthia to set one up.

Facilitator Trainings are for those who want to learn the TARA-Process in order to practice it themselves or add TARA-Process to the methods used for guiding and helping others. Over 20 psychotherapists are successfully using TARA-Process within their practices in Germany. In the U.S., professionals in the healing and helping professions have found TARA-Process to be a beneficial addition to their practices, including counseling, massage and bodywork and various life-coaching practices.   Please note: Certification as a TARA-Process Facilitator requires completion of 3 weeklong trainings (Module A, B and C), several Individual Coaching Sessions and some Supervised Sessions, which we offer particularly for those who want to become a Facilitator in TARA-Process. The Trainings are offered annually in Hawaii, usually in October/November, and may be attended in any order. You may begin training at any time and you will likely be among others who have completed prior training sessions.  Click here to learn more about the next TARA-Process Training in Hawaii. For information and registration feel free to contact Stephanie.